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Monday, February 21, 2011

Well I am just busy

Hi everyone Im sorry I havnt posted much here latley I have been busy with my children and my fiance as well, yesterday we purchased a boston terrier puppy and he is just adorable we named him charlie, unfortunatly I think we payed to much for him and he wasnt wormed or givin his shots either we didnt know either that he wasnt shown how to eat or drink so I am very busy with that. So I hope you all have a great week.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wow Im so Excited

Hey everyone I am super excited ya wanna know why, well I wont keep you in suspence I bought my own bind it all yes I finally got one so I am going to go nuts with that yippeee and then I also bought my very first magnolia stamps I bought like 5 of them to start off with I have already stamped them and I cant wait to start to color, I havnt worked with these stamps and I was at a local scrapbooking store and found them and she had some that were 40 % off so I bought some of those and got a newer one they have a ton of them omg I was in shock when I saw them so Ill be working with them as I go if anyone has any tips or tricks with them I would love to hear about them, well as I said in my last post I have some cards and stuff I have been working on I have a ton of pictures to put up so I ll be working on that as well sorry it has taken me a while to get them up Im not an avid blogger cant ya tell well I guess thats it for now I hope I get more comments and more followers thanks for checking in.