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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Good Morning Everyone

Finally it is nice out today it is like in the 80's and that is really good since it has been in the 100's the past couple weeks, I love summer but the heat is ruff sometimes, I have been working on cards galore for the cricut fairy that I belong to its fun and interesting at the same time, I check in on the message boared now and then and love the work some of you do I wish I was as good as some of them on there, did you see the new machine that provo craft came out with it looks like fun but I dont know if I am willing to pay 600 for it thats what its going for from what I have read on the board but Im not sure anyway I am continuing to fix my page and put pictures up of all the cards I have made and other projects, My little guy is heading for surgery on wensday for dental work, as some of you know he was born with a bilateral cleft lip and pallet so he will have several surgeries till he is done growing which is usually 18 yrs old so I am battling with those emotions I have been scrapbooking his surgeries so that he will understand when he is older. He has come along so much in the short 4 yrs he has been here so I hope that as he grows he will be just fine and maybe wont need as many surgeries. Thats about it for now if you dont see me post for a few days or week thats why hes got to recover!!! thanks for reading have a great day.

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