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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hello Everyone

Hey guys I can't seem to keep up these days with children,laundry,cleaning and best of all crafting, although I am a stay at home mom and both children are in school now I never have time to just sit and craft because I either have to clean,do laundry or something else, I dont know how all of you out there do it all but I can't lol well I have found a few different card styles that I like to make for my christmas cards and I cam accross this one made by Pam from Expressions With Heart, I just came accross her some how lol and saw here card made with maggies and I was just in awe and I thought hmm I wonder if I can make it into a christmas type card and I actually did it so this is going to be my christmas card this year I hope you like it please leave a comment if you would like, I am hoping to make more as time allows me to lol thanks for stopping bye.

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